Business Financial Consultant


Who we are ?

We have expert associates with good exposure to  corporate strategy, investment banking, corporate banking. We have Law firms, CAs backup to find a suitable solution to every clients needs.  Shrichakra blends professional pulse and instinct of the lender`s and needs of the borrower by preparing a compressive project and financial papers and thus secure , targeted financial package. Shrichakra works with the various financial institutions by attuning our presentations to their policies and processing mode.  We have an excellent network in in various cities of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Hyderabad, Mumbai and we will able to connect to you to any  agency through our business associates.  Business Financial Consultant

Business Financial Consultant

Loans & Debt Syndication

Line of Credit

We take special care  even in small loans like mortgage, housing and small business loans with the same concern  and interest as that of LARGE LOANS and corporate credits.

We engage our teams to prepare the projects, CMA reports,update your collateral papers and discuss with financial institutions as your outsourced financial admin and works as assets managers to some these financiers

Business Financial Consultant


We blend REAL ESTATE business smoothly with its financial segments. With a good legal team working as our network, we can help in your buy and sell, JVs, investments and financial requirements-connecting you to your business partners. We have a good number of land developers and builders as our business associates. we will get you institutional loans too

Business Financial Consultant


What is the timeline you need to raise capital? How much capital should be raised? What kind of share holder would suit best? What are the government compliances you need to adhere ? We do think with you and we do organize through proper agencies!


Many clients do need the business consultancy to find good partners, trade links, investors and technical groups. We give them lead and client links.  Business Financial Consultant

We will help clients to navigate in uncertain environment , failures in bank loans, NPAs. We strategize and identify priorities to meet the challenges of the new corporate era, by monitoring them in their financial investments and lending.  Business Financial Consultant

Business Financial Consultant


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